It seems as though there is an epidemic of virus outbreak right now. This week I came across a new breed of ransomware. This one is quite bad, so bad that you may lose your data for good if not resolved sooner. This finds its way into your computer through downloaded files or via email attachment
A ransom is demanded within a given time limit with a countdown clock. We advise all our customers to shut down their computers and bring it in immediately as we are unsure of the consequences of running down the clock. The ransom demanded is around 300 Dollars/Euros and we cannot guarantee that paying this ransom will release your files to you. Our advice is to make sure you have an active antivirus installed on your computer and ensure your data is backed up regularly on a separate drive or partition, also do not open any email from an unknown source.
If you are unfortunate to have this virus on your computers, shut it down and contact us immediately on 01293 540762. We have been able to assist several customer in recovering their files and restoring their computer back to operation